Step By Step Guide To Selling On Poshmark

Today, I’m spilling the tea on the number one question that slides into my DMs more often than I change outfits (which, let’s be real, is quite frequently! “But how do you sell on Poshmark?” So here is my step by step guide to selling on Poshmark:

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through your closet, eyeing those unworn gems, and wondering how to turn them into cash, then you’re in the right place, my friend!

Join me as I break down the secrets to Poshmark success, from pricing strategies to packaging perfection, so you can strut your stuff and stack those earnings in no time!

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Here is a step by step outline, from beginning to end, as a guide to selling on Poshmark.

1: Research Your Items for Pricing

  • Look at both sold and listed items.
  • Ignore new with tags (NWT) listings if yours is not.
  • Analyze the sold prices to determine an average price.
  • Use this information to set a competitive listing price.

2: Using Filters on Poshmark

  • If you can’t find the exact item, search for similar ones.
  • Utilize filters to narrow down the search.
  • Determine average listing and sold prices for similar items.
  • Use this data to set a competitive price for your item.

3: Pricing Strategy

  • Set your listing price slightly higher than the expected selling price.
  • This provides room for discounts and offers.

4: Understanding Poshmark Shipping

  • Shipping fee is $7.97 for all items.
  • Buyers usually pay the shipping fee.
  • Sellers have the option to offer shipping discounts.
  • Sellers can choose to offer discounted, standard, or free shipping.

5: Listing Your Item

  • Ensure your item is marked as available for sale.
  • Additional details section is for personal use.
  • Add SKU number or cost of goods for tracking purposes.

6: Maintaining Your Closet

  • Consistently list new items to keep your closet active.
  • Share your items multiple times a day to increase visibility. (I use PosherVA)

7: Making Sales

  • Sales can happen at full price or via offers.
  • Buyers may send offers on listed items.
  • Likes on items indicate potential interest.
  • Sellers can send offers to likers to prompt more sales.

8: Packing Your Item

  • Use USPS Priority Mail packaging, available for free via
  • Ensure items are properly packed to prevent damage.
  • Consider using poly bags to protect items.

9: Printing Shipping Labels

  • Shipping labels can be downloaded from the Poshmark app.
  • Labels can also be printed from emails received after sales.
  • QR codes can be used for in-person label printing.

10: Shipping Your Package

  • Drop off packages at USPS blue mailboxes.
  • Schedule a pickup for convenience.
  • Drop off packages at USPS offices.

11: Waiting for Earnings

  • Once USPS scans the package, tracking begins.
  • Typically takes 2-3 days for packages to reach buyers.
  • Earnings are released once the buyer accepts the order or after a return process.
  • Handling Issues with Orders:
    • Receiving an item not as described
    • Poshmark’s return policy
  • Enforcement of the 3-Day Rule:
    • Buyer’s obligation to accept or return within 3 days
    • Poshmark’s intervention if the buyer doesn’t respond

12: Transferring Earnings:

Locate Your Balance

In the Poshmark app, navigate to the “My Balance” section by clicking on your profile name at the bottom right corner of the screen. If redirected to your closet, click again to access the menu.

Understand Your Balances

  • Credits: This section displays any referral bonuses or promotional credits earned through Poshmark.
  • Gift Cards: Poshmark recently introduced a feature to display gift card balances separately if added to the platform.
  • Pending Earnings: This section displays earnings awaiting release. Typically, this occurs when the customer hasn’t received the package or the 3-day acceptance period hasn’t elapsed.
  • Redeemable Earnings: Once released to you, earnings move to the “Redeemable” section, ready for transfer to your bank account or other payment methods.

Choose Transfer Options

  • Connect Your Account: To proceed with transferring funds, select your preferred payment method and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your bank account or provide necessary details.
  • Redeem Earnings: After selecting your desired transfer method and connecting your account, click on the “redeem” button to initiate the transfer. Follow any additional steps or verification processes required by your chosen payment method.
  • Completion and Processing Time:
    • Once you’ve redeemed your earnings, expect processing and deposit into your account within a specified timeframe. Typically, funds are available within 24 hours, but this may vary depending on bank holidays or other factors.
    • If you’ve chosen a payment method with longer processing times, such as receiving a physical check, be prepared for a slightly delayed transfer.
  • Repeat the Process:
    • As you continue making sales on Poshmark, accumulate earnings in your account. Repeat this process of transferring funds whenever you have redeemable earnings available.
    • Regularly transferring your earnings helps effectively manage finances and ensures a steady flow of income from your reselling business.
  • Payment Methods: Poshmark offers various transfer options, including Bank Direct Deposit and Check Request, each with different processing times and potential fees.
  • Bank Direct Deposit: This option allows direct transfer of earnings to your bank account, usually involving no fees and offering a quick transfer process.
  • Check Request: If you prefer receiving a physical check, opt for this method. While it may take longer to receive your funds compared to direct deposit, no fees are typically associated with this option.

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